Equipping you to present and teach 22 Mathematics songs!

This is the first Song Resource Pack, written to support the teaching of the Foundation and Key Stage 1 Maths objectives. This updated edition is full of great tracks to help you teach maths through song!

Pack includes:

  • 54 page A4 Resource Book
  • Full Track CD featuring all 22 songs
  • Backing Track CD featuring all 22 songs

£30.00 + p&p

For all 22 songs the book contains:

  • .Music Score, Song Lyrics and Guitar Chords
  • .Primary Maths Objective Links
  • .Presentation and Prop Ideas
  • .Adaptation and Extension Ideas
  • .Simple Actions
  • .Links between all 22 songs

Themes include

  • Counting
  • Place Value
  • Ordering
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Doubling and Halving
  • Money
  • Number Bonds
  • Measuring Units
  • Time
  • Shape...

Song Titles

  1. 31 Days in January
  2. Balloons
  3. Bananas
  4. Chickens
  5. Chip the Chopper
  6. Counting On (& Back)
  7. Counting Time
  8. Dancing in the Sun
  9. Doubling Machine
  10. Farmer Pete
  11. I Can Count (& Spider)
  12. It's My Birthday Today
  13. Mr Noah
  14. My Name is Russ!
  15. Pirate Captain Hugh
  16. Shapes
  17. Sticky Toffees
  18. Stuck on the Motorway
  19. The Change
  20. The Number Fun Races
  21. The Story of my Day
  22. Wobbly Tooth


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